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Registration Rules

Thank you for taking the first step in registering for Hockey 4 Hope. As mentioned in past emails, registration is a crap shoot as we have over 200 registered players who have participated in the past or want to participate in Hockey 4 Hope. 

There are 34 spots available - 4 Goalies and the remaining spots are broken down between forwards and defenseman.


On registration day, the Primary Registration link will go live, you are to fill out your First Name, Last Name & Email and click Submit. If you happen to be one of the 34 successful registrants, you will receive a second email, The Welcome Email with a link to the Secondary Registration. You will be required to submit the Secondary Registration in full with your donation within 24 hour. If we haven't received the Secondary Registration within 24 hours, your name will be added to the end of the Sub List and we will email the next person in line from the Sub List.


If you're not one of the 34 players, your name will be added to the sub list  in the order we received your Primary Registration. If you happen to be on the sub list, don't get discouraged as we always have 1 or 2 players who back out. 


Please allow us time to account for all the registrations as they come in fast as the process takes time. You will receive an email within 4 hours with the results. 


Some Rules: 

1. Please do not submit more than one time - registration is already confusing and multiple submissions only makes it more confusing. 

2. Please do not have your significant other submit from one computer while you're submitting from another computer - once again, it makes the process more confusing. 

3. Please do not email asking if you made Hockey 4 Hope - either way you will receive an email within 4 hours, so you will find out. 

4. If you happen to make Hockey 4 Hope, please know the person for whom you're skating for. If you submit Step 2 without a said name, you will be bumped to the sub list. Step 2 needs to be submitted within 24 hours. 

5. Please know who the person for whom you're skating for is 100% correct because once the names are submitted there are no changing the name plates on the jerseys. 

6. Please make sure before you submit all information accurately and all names are spelled correctly - what is submitted is what goes on the jersey. 

7. If you cannot 100% commit to Hockey 4 Hope , please do not register. 

We will see you on April 6th th, 2024 at SUNY Broome. 

Thank you! 


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